Achievements & Challenges


  • KSC has successfully engaged government agencies and service providers on removal of vessel delay surcharges (VDS) and decongestion of the sea port, VAT on marine services, numerous police road blocks on the Northern Corridor amongst others, thereby helping to reduce delays and resultant costs in movement of goods.
  • We have built strong relationships with the relevant authorities and service providers meaning we are better placed to lobby on behalf of our members.
  • In consultation with the Kenya Ships Agents Association to address over 21 issues that are a constraint to clearing and forwarding, importation and exportation.
  • Development of the Logistics Performance Index for East Africa.
  • KSC submitted the commercial shipping elements for inclusion in the Merchant Shipping Bill 2008 thereby bringing all service providers under one regulator. Act finally assented to law in May 2009.
  • Inter ministerial taskforce for CFS regulations formed with KSC representing private sector stakeholders
  • In 2009, instrumental in pushing for licensing of additional Container Freight Stations. 2 new CFSs were licensed to handle containers bringingcargo dwell time down from 13 to 7 days at the time.
  • Cargo owners made aware of their rights and obligations in international shipping-  From 2008, various training workshops held on Incoterms 2000 and 2012, supply chain security, marine insurance,  and customs classification and valuation. Awareness workshops on different value chains held beginning with tea.
  • Successfully lobbied for implementation of axle load regulations which requires trucks to have 3 axles and carry no more than 24,000 metric tonnes of cargo to prevent damage to the roads.. The regulations also addressed overloading.
  • Pushed for privatization of Mariakani, Mlolongo Gilgil weighridges.Management contracts for three others (Gilgil, Webuye & Malaba) are currently being evaluated.
  • Conducted study on the cause & effect of transport and logistics costs which is currently guiding our advocacy on lowering costs e.g. identified local charges levied by shipping lines which should be reduced or scrapped. Document submitted to Transport Ministry
  • Registration of KSC as a company limited by guarantee  finalized in July 2009, certificate of Incorporation received in November 2009. Change of name to SCEA effected in October 2012


  • Much focus on maritime issues at the expense of those of other modes of transport. This  due to the numerous challenges reported by members and . This is currently being remedied
  • Numerous court injuctions by business associations reducing the gains made by KSc’s advocacy efforts. e.g.  injuctions made on the implementation of the Electronic Cargo Tracking System by KRA and that of the Maritime Regulations 2010 by KMA.
  • Reluctance by prospective companies to join the Council due to subscription fatigue.
  • Meeting and exceeding the members’ expectations  poses a challenge due to the complexity and dynamism of the trade logistics.