Welcome to SCEA Trade Information Portal (E-Portal)

Shippers Council of Eastern Africa is a business membership organization whose key mandate is to advocate for the interests of importers and exporters in the region on policy and operational issues in transport and logistics. In addition, the Council is establishing itself as a one-stop centre for all documentation on policies, regulations and procedures for trade within Kenya and the larger East Africa region. We are a key stakeholder in the Kenyan National Single Window initiative as convener of the National Stakeholders Forum. It is in line with this that SCEA has developed and E-Portal which is an online database of information on import and export rules, regulations and procedures which also hosts trade documentation.

In developing the e-portal, SCEA partnered with TradeMark East Africa (TMEA), a multi-donor organization which is working towards establishing systems for Single Window (SW) and Integrated Border Management (IBM) in the EAC region. A key component of the SW and IBM systems is the collection and dissemination of information on policies, regulations and procedures for trade. The two systems will, in addition, provide online systems for applications of various trading licenses, submission of trade documents, and payment of taxes to the various government agencies by the traders.

A mapping exrcise identified the specific value chains which represented the most imported/exported products in East Africa and their requisite rules, regulations and procedures. Data was gathered from the barious government agencies and private sector players and disseminated through this web platform.